Northside Appliances - Frauds

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On Sept 8th, 2010 I purchased a used refrigerator with a 90 day warranty from Northside Appliances 4041 Spring Grove (513-541-4012).On Sept 14, not even a week later the refrigerator gave indicating factors that it was malfunctioning so I called the place of business where I purchased it.

Upon speaking to the man who answered the phone he said he would call me back......He never did. Things seemed to be working again though so I let it go. But, on Sept 21st I notice my fridge is slightly warm inside. I call the store once again hoping to get someone over to check out the problem.

The man on the phone tells me that he is at the dentist office and he would call me back. I patiently wait for him to call back. Two hours later I call him to schedule an appointment. I am now concerned because I am going to lose all my groceries, which the last time I checked are not free at Kroger.

He takes my phone number and address and tells me that sometime mid to late afternoon on Sept 23 someone will be out to check on my appliance adding that I should keep it plugged in and the door closed. Well by this time my freezer is 40 degrees and rising. No matter how much I keep it plugged and shut it's not going to un-spoil my groceries. Finally, the man comes by with his service technician and they determine that the compressor is bad.

They ask me what I want to do. I ask them to fix this one. On Sept. 24 they come back to retrieve the appliance, telling me that I should have it back by the following Monday Sept 27.

Well I call on Sept. 28 my day off to learn he has only just begun work and it's going to be another few more days. Initially I just wanted my fridge back but this man is not worth doing business with if he is going to make repairs at his own leisurely pace and it is quite costly to be dining out and not having my appliance. So today, Sept 29th I go to the store to ask for my money back.

I am told there are no cash refunds.

What would I do with a credit to an appliance store that I don't want to ever do business with again?

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